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November 5, 2013


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You rummaged around in a baggy T-shirt and shorts, looking for any leftover food that you might of not looked at, after searching through the the cabinets a couple of times. Sighing, you grabbed your small purse and slipped on some shoes as you went out your door. Opening up your car door, you plopped in as you put the key and turned on the ignition.


You sung quietly to the song as you drove down the deserted road, being the only car on black cement. A sudden flash stopped in front of your car, as you slammed on the brakes, screeching to a halt. Your eyes widened as you got out of the car, stumbling as you saw the creature you had helped escaped only a few day earlier now panting with several scratches and gashes.

"Hell..." You closed your eyes as you took a breath, opening your eyes back up as you tried to lift up the creature, which was pretty easy since it weighed almost nothing. Looking towards the woods, you saw the trail of blood where the Rake had dragged itself.

"The things I do for people..."  You sighed as you walked through the forest. It was quite easy, the splatters of crimson liquid were stained on the blades of glass, leading in a straight line.

Maybe you'll get to meet the apparent 'Others'?

The thought flashed your mind as you walked at a faster pace. You squinted as you felt a sudden pain in your head. You could see a light gray mansion, surrounded by trees. You quirked an eyebrow as you neared the mansion, head hurting slightly worse as neared the door. Knocking slightly, you readjusted the unconscious Rake in your arms as you  took one hand and rubbed your temple. The creaked open as you felt a cold aura. You looked up to see a faceless being. You looked emotionless back at the being in a fancy black suit, as it looked back down at you with slight confusion and anger.

"You do have a first aid kit, right?" You asked, oblivious to the fact that you were facing several killer's and the chance of having tea with death at any second.

"What is going on here?" The slender being asked, but mostly demanded. It sounded as if he had many voices in one, all different pitches.

"It's a long story. But do you have anything that can help him? It won't be nice when he is complaining about an infection." You stared up at him as he slowly moved to the side, as you made your way inside. You quickly walked over and put the Rake on the couch, examining the wounds to see if any were life threatening. Who are you kidding. These things could probably be put in a bucket of acid and still live. A cold weight at your throat snapped you out of your thoughts as you sighed.

"Please don't touch me." You said, having no emotion at all as you saw that the person who was holding you had a white hoody, matching their bleach-white hand.

"Slenderman? What is this girl doing in our house?" You could hear that it was a man, and was not happy about you being there. Obviously. You saw the so called 'Slenderman', who was staring at you. If thats even possible, if you don't have any eyes.

"While you're worried about that, your friend over is unconscious and probably dying. Want to help him or not?" You huffed as the killer slowly flopped his hand to the side, as Slenderman made his way down a hall. You turned around to see the person that had threatened your life, and your eyes widened slightly. He had a carved smile that slowly healing, and there were dark rings around his eyes, which held slight curiousness and suspicion as he looked at you. Turning back around, you all ready saw Slenderman opening the first aid kit, along with another person who had a white mask, which had feminine drawn on lips and eyebrows. He looked towards you, as you slowly made your way to The Rake. Kneeling down, you started to clean The Rake's wounds as you heard a voice behind you.

"I never caught your name, I'm Slenderman." You looked up to see the man in the suit looking at you.

"(Full Name)."

"Why did you even decide to help him anyways?" You heard a quiet voice come from the masked boy, as you stared at the The Rake who twitched slightly.

"Why wouldn't I help him? Yeah, he may seem a little different. Everybody expresses that they are in a different way. You can't judge a book my it's cover. I get you kill, it's pretty obvious." You chuckled as you looked between them.

"It's not like you can change. I mean, I see that you guys are pretty scary, without face and even ones that are drawn on or carved. But that's just who you are. I don't really like that you do kill innocent people, but I can't stop it. The human race is no better." You sighed, giving them a soft smile. They all looked stunned as you continued to patch up the creature who now had stopped bleeding.

Yes, they were different indeed. But what's wrong with that?
I feel like complete shit. I've been sick all weekend, and I have to do a assload of make-up work. I just wanted to do this since I still need to go get it. 


Part 2: Here!

I don't own any of the creepypastas
You own you
I own the plot
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i might make another series involving The Rake sometime soon after i get a few things finished : D
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