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October 26, 2013


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You signed your name along the bottom line and tossed the request for an extra order of bamboo into the outbound pile. Leaning back, you laced your hands behind your head and stretched, earning a creak from your shoulders and the springs of your chair.You looked out the window as you saw the striped zebras munching in grass, the brown hogs squealing as they rolled around in the small pen, and golden-haired lions strutted across rocks with pride. A knock on the door snapped you out of (Y/n) - land.

"Miss (Y/n), would you mind taking this crate and unloading it into the small cement pen? The guys in our section are too scared to open it, along with myself. Look at these pictures." Your black-haired female friend, named Ruby, rubbed the back of her neck in embarrassment as she handed you a few pictures. You quirked an eyebrow as you looked at the pictures. There was a pale creature with long fingers that looked like knives, and black eyes. And this thing is being shipped to a zoo? The children might get a little scared...

"What is it called?" You didn't look up from the pictures as you asked Ruby, as she sighed.

"The Rake." You smirked as you put the pictures down, and followed Ruby out the door.

"I guess it suits it." You sighed as the small woman stopped in front of the square box, which had large air holes on top of it, along with a big red stamp that had "DANGER" imprinted on it.

"Ruby, go. If anything, I don't want you to be hurt if this thing slashes out." You turned as she blinked, a light pink covering her face as she nodded.

"I-I'll go feed the turtles." She said quietly as she ran off, leaving you to look down at box that currently was making no sound, which was quite unusual.

"You still alive in there?" You tapped on the box slightly, earning a raspy growl in return. Quirking an eyebrow, you started to cut the bands that held the box together. Snipping the last one off, the box fell down as you looked at the creature. It narrowed it's eyes at you as you rolled your own (E/c) ones. Sighing you bent down, sitting a foot or two away from it as it growled in warning.

"Hush, I know you don't want to be here. You better be happy that you're here and not at some lab with people sticking needles in you." It stopped growling as it looked at you with shock and confusion. Shaking your head, you sighed again.

"Besides, where did the guys even find you? I must seem crazy for talking to you..." You trailed off as you got back up, dusting yourself off as went to leave the large den that was built for the animal.

"I made the mistake of being seen..." You heard a scratchy voice, as your eyes widened. Looking over your shoulder, you saw the creature looking glaring at the cement floors.

"I'm surprised they didn't find everybody else too..."

                            ~Rake's Flashback Time and P.O.V~

He walked with a limp through the dark forest, panting. He had nearly been killed off by some men in brown suits, guns loaded with bullets as they nearly pierced his pale flesh. If they didn't have those damned guns, he could of killed all five in the blink of an eye. But these sane humans keep getting closer and closer to the mansion the Creepypastas had shared. What am I thinking? We're killers for crying out loud!

But, if they did override the mansion, it wouldn't be easy to look for a place like that. It would take months, even years to find a spot like that. That little elf child would be complaining the whole way, I don't think I could stand it. But these humans get more  and more powerful, even being something like I am, I don't think it will be possible to handle. Bigger guns, weapons, taking down forests, it will be madness. The only thing is saving us is that there attention span is the size of a pinto bean.

                                        ~Back to Reality!~

You watched the Rake as it scowled, obviously thinking about the past. Sitting criss-crossed, you watched in silence as the Rake recalled his memories.

"What do you mean the 'Others'?" You asked quietly, interrupting his thoughts as he stared at you intensely. You snorted as a small smile formed on your lips.

"What's the point of telling anybody? They wouldn't believe a single word I say. Probably send me off to some mental asylum." You told him as he let out a sigh.

"There are others like me. Humans call us 'Creepypastas'. Were different from the others." He explained, irritated.


"(Y/n)! Your shift is over! You can go home now!" The shrill voice of your boss called. Getting up,you gave the Rake one last glance as you rested your hand on the rusty door-knob. You recalled the things that happened over the past hour or two. Why did the people who shipped him to the zoo not send him to one of those labs? How long until one of them comes along and sees the Rake, and decides to drag him along and nearly kill him with those pointless tests? Letting out  a sigh, you turned around as you looked over at the Rake, who was now tracing nothings on the cement floor.

"Come on." You mumbled. He glanced towards you, a questioning look on visible on his face.

"As long as you try not to kill me, or cause a wreck while I'm driving, you can come I guess. The 'Others' would be wondering where you are, right?" The Rake nodded slowly as it followed you out the door, silently making your way to your car, blending in with the night as you helped your new 'Friend' get back to the 'Others'.
Heeeheeeheee c:

Fur :iconlawyergirl227: Because I have no idea how I'm gunna make her Jeff x Mute.
                                                                  Dis all you get, Anissa, UNLESS YOU BE COMIN OVER AND WE BE EATIN PIE 
Cat nods


People be like: 


I had fun making dis ish. I have a cousin named Ruby, also 
I went to a zoo
and saw an EMU 

Reinduuurr HURHURHUR

Part 1: Here!

I don't Creepypasta
Or you.
I only own the plot
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