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January 8


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Warning: There is some gore, but I don’t think enough to put a filter on. Please comment if you think differently. Enjoy.

You sighed, readjusting the camera strap on your neck.  You kicked the gravel under your feet, the small pebbles skimming into the tall grass, nearly high as your ankle. You turned towards your friend Katie, an impatient look on your face.

“How long will it be ‘till we get there?”

“Not very long, I hope. But it’ll be worth it. You said you like carnivals, right?”

“No, I’ve had a bad experience with carnivals. Being the great friend I am I’ve gone with you.”

“Are you for cereal? How come you never told me this?” She stopped, eyes narrowed with confusion. You shrugged, rubbing your arm awkwardly.

                                                                                                -Flashback -

Your smile widened, hopping up and down as you entered through the gates. You looked towards a large tent off in the distance, the colours standing out from the food vendors and lit-up rides. You tugged on your mother’s hand, begging her to let you go into the neon tent. She said yes, regretfully after the large (Eye Color) eyes and a fake quiver of a six-year-old’s lip. You dragged her along, weaving through the large amounts of people. You stopped at the entrance and looked up at the woman who face was painted white with bright pink, blue, green and purple dots littering under her eyes like freckles.

“Hello squirt! It will be four tickets, and mom here will have to stay outside. But it’ll be fine! Mom, there are several adults in there that will be supervising the kids. Thank you!” You handed the tickets to the odd woman, as she handed you a pair of dark sun-glasses. You looked up at her curiously, since it was night and no reason for sun glasses when obviously, there was no sun.

“You will need these for the show! It makes everything different, like 3-D glasses!” Her diamond-like grin grew wider as you nodded, pushing through the baby blue tarp. You saw children which only looked to be age’s four to seven. You took a seat in the second row from the stage, surprisingly the only one left. The curtains opened, and a man quite tall popped out in bright clothing, shining blue eyes and red hair that nearly seemed pink. Quite a few kids let out squeals of excitement, others whispering to each other giddily. You looked around, and saw two men with crossed arms at the entrances. One was wearing a white hoodie, chestnut hair falling down to his shoulders and unamused sea blue eyes. The other was wearing a black hoodie, auburn hair resting under his ears and powder blue eyes that looked ahead, showing no emotion. You turned back to the clown, who also looked at the crowd, eyes landing on you and a smirk forming before he started again.

“Haha, so children… heeheeh. Do you want to see something extremely and utterly cool?” The audience cheered, except yourself who waited for it to quiet down before listening to the man speak again.

“Yes, haha! I would like a volunteer, please….anyone?” Hands shot up, and several laughs were heard. He pointed to you, one of the few who didn’t raise their hand. All eyes rested on your form, in which you squirmed in your seat, not liking the attention.

“Um…no thank you.”

“Aw, why not doll...heh. You will love it, darling haha!” His grin widened, showing the teeth that seemed to be pointed.

“N-No….How about her? S-she looks like she would really like t-to help, sir!” You pointed to the girl next to you, who whispered a small jumble of thanks.

“Yes, yes! Hahaha! Right here ma’am!” She giggled, climbing up the wooden stairs that led to the large stage. He snapped three times at something behind the curtain, in which a large squeak was heard and a metal table was seen and an electric saw on the second shelf. The blonde blinked, now wary of the metal teeth that rested on the round blade. You gave a sigh of relief, happy to not be up there, but also sympathy for the girl.

“Hop right up here, miss!” He gave the table a few pats, and the girl struggled to get up as you heard a husky laugh. You turned to see the man with the brown hair letting out a small chuckle and ending suddenly when the clown shot a twisted smile at him. He strapped the girl down with leather belts that were hidden before. Everything went silent except for the colorful man’s humming.

“All around the mulberry bush
the monkey chased the weasel
the monkey thought t'was all in fun…” His hand got lower, the saw only a flea’s length away from her stomach, which was covered in a white cloth. From where you were, you could see his eyes getting lighter, almost to the color of gray.

“Pop goes the weasel! Hahahahahah!” He pressed the start button, and a loud scream mixed with the grinding of the saw cutting flesh. Blood spewed outwards, the screams of the girl getting louder along with the children. Most were fleeing past the two at the entrance as he shut the saw off, looking directly at you. You ceased to move, eyes large and mouth hanging open. The screams were silent to you, while all you were focused on now was the clown advancing towards you, a bloodied hand digging in his pocket. Your glasses were cracked, and little holes shone into a new perspective. You slowly took the glasses off while he strode towards you. Glasses fully off, you faced reality. The clown was actually white and black, arms hanging slightly above his knees, the same teeth matching the saw but an ivory colour. You turned around and saw the guys who were originally at the door were exiting, but one seemed to have a blue mask and the other had white skin like the clown in front of you, but with large cut marks in his face that you couldn’t see very well from how they were nearly out of the tent. You turned back around, and the man was in front of you, hand outstretched, a (Favourite colour) piece of candy in his hand.

“Care for one, darling?”

                                                                              -And finally the long memory comes to an end-

You took a large gulp of air, and looked back into Katie’s concerned eyes.

“T-That really happened….?” She asked quietly, very abnormal compared to her loud and enthusiastic self. You shrugged, sighing.

“I asked my mom about it, and she said she doesn’t remember anything. Must have been a nightmare…” You trailed off, not looking at the tall girl anymore.

“We can turn back if you want to. I don’t mind, seriously.”

“No, it’s probably been three hours. I won’t get that back, so might as well go on.” You sounded firm, and Katie gave you one last look before walking clumsily again.

But you didn’t want to go.

At all, actually.

But you were being paranoid. It was just a dream...

Or maybe it wasn’t.
Creative titles are creative
I just wanted to get this short part done, but holy balls did it take long to do, like normal //sigh
I felt odd writing this because clowns aren't my favorite, but i don't hate them
And I feel pretty paranoid too.

ANYWHO, I don't think I need to put a gore filter on this, but tell me if I'm wrong
(Like i normally am)

Laughing Jack belongs to ~SnuffBomb
I also don't own Jeff or Eyeless Jack
You own yourself
I don't own the song, and I don't currently know the writer of 'Pop goes the weasel'.
I own the plot only
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BETHDrown Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014  Student Artist
*gets games and starts randomly throwing them* HFGEUWKQPSMXBAKDHEJEOHHDKJEJDMEJDKMSJSGERD
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Is it wrong that I'm afraid of clowns but love Laughing Jack? 

deerfluff Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014
I would guess not
Breakslover Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014
Oh good
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lol the part when its says i dont like attention.... so me! i hate having many eyes on me and dont like it when people comment on something i do well, i am so shy i can barely talk to my parents XD, but either way story or not i HATE attention. sorry LJ i aint volenteering fo yo freak show!
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wow i must have been traumatized as a kid o-o
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I LOVE THIS!!! When I read the warning at the top I was hesitating to read this but then I started to read this and it's not gory at all in my mind cause I have seen stuff that will make you wanna die... yup I'm creepy... OuO tee hee
Pussia Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh my god i can't wait i'm so excited he is my favorite creepypasta(i'm not compleatly obsessed like i sound this is just the first time i've read one of his)
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