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September 1, 2013
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Cursing, you have been warned…

You groaned as you waved your hand in front of your face as you were upside down, your hair reaching the floor as your legs were flung over the back of the chair.

“How long is this heat supposed to last?” You asked the shirtless elf beside you.

“I think they said it was supposed be all summer.” You were constantly blushing as the men in your house had their shirts off, but slightly jealous.

“How come guys are able to take their shirts off and not girls? I feel the government is afraid to see boobies.” You mumbled as BEN laughed and fell off the couch making you raise an eyebrow.

“Last time I checked, I thought killing was illegal too, but you and all the other Creepypastas still do it. Might as well take that shirt off.” He wiggled his eyebrows up and down suggestively as you smirked.

“Like I would take off my shirt in front of you.” You rolled your eyes a BEN sighed sadly.

“Why don’t you just go to the beach?” Slenderman asked as himself ,Jeff, Maksy, Hoodie, and Eyeless Jack walked in.

“Hmm…BEN is scared shitless of water, those three wouldn’t take off their masks, Jeff would turn into a tomatoe, and everybody else ta the beach would try to kill us.” You counted off on your fingers as everybody sighed in agreement.

“But there is the hose, Jeff could use extreme amounts of sunblock, you three I guess wouldn’t have to take off your masks, and BEN could go hide in a tree with the birds as he watches us like the creep he is.” You smiled as BEN pushed you off the chair, making you land flat on your face.

“Bitch.” You and BEN said at the same time.

“Anyways, who’s up for it?” You got up and sat on BEN’s lap, earning a grunt.

“I guess.” They said in unison.

You slowly peeked out of the bathroom with a (F/c) and (2nd F/c) two-piece ruffle swimsuit.

“Come on (Y/n)! I’m dying!” You squeaked as Jeff picked you up, with a blush on both of your cheeks, realizing he was only wearing swimming trunks.

“Yeah yeah.” You grumbled a she took you outside, and as soon as he stepped out into the everlasting forest, you got hit with icy-cold water.

“Son of a bitch!” You yelled as you whipped your head to see the water-hating BEN, holding a hose. Your eye twitched as you plucked yourself from the bleached-white man. BEN’s face paled as your smirk formed on your face. You quickly grabbed the hose from him, turning it to face him as he screamed.

“SHE’S GOING TO KILL ME! HELP!” BEN screamed and bolted into the house as you fell down with Jeff in a fit of laughter.

“Holy crap that was hilarious!” You said in between gasps.

“Oh………my………gosh…” Your eyes widened as you stopped laughing completely as you saw an UN-masked Hoodie and Masky come walking out, their faces crimson.

“Am I dead from laughing too hard, or are do you guys have your masks off?” You squinted; making sure you weren’t in some kind of coma.

“No…” They sighed as you grabbed the hose, smirking.

“(Y/N) YOU BETTER-“ You cut Masky off by giving him a mouthful of hose water.





You were now rubbing aloe on an unhappy looking Jeff.

“I told you put sunblock on, but nooo.” You chuckled as he growled.

“(Y/n) I will drag you out there and spray you with the hose.” Jeff growled as you rubbed more aloe onto his back, rolling your eye in the process as Jeff cringe at the sudden coldness.

“Yeeeeeah, ok Mr. Lobster.” You ruffled his jet black hair as he shot his hand up and grabbed your wrist in an iron hold. Your face paled as he slowly turned around.

“J-Jeff?” You squeaked as he dragged you towards the door.

“HEEEEEEEEEEEEELP! JEFF WILL KILL MEEEEEEEE!” You yelled as he growled. He quickly turned the hose on, still holding your wrist. You suddenly felt a cold blast of water go on your face as you opened your ryes, water clinging to your eyelashes as Jeff took his hand away from your wrist.

“JEFF!” You tackled him, spraying him with the hose, forgetting about his burnt skin. He groaned as you got off him.

“Whoops!” You exclaimed dramatically.

“Shut up and help me.” He grunted, but you could hear the amusement in his voice. You quickly got him up and dragged him onto the giant couch as you flopped down, bring Jeff along with.

“I could really use a nap!” Your voice was muffled as you felt more weight being put on the couch.
You peeked over to see BEN and the three masked boys (Probably not that hard to figure out). Your eyelids suddenly felt heavy as you let out a yawn.

“Night.” You said, eyes closing. They all smiled and closed their eyes, the one who could anyways.

“Night, love you (Y/n).” They said in unison.
"We should do this again, guys" You sighed falling into a deep sleep.
I wanted to make something for the end of summer! The start of school has been great *cough* Deathly *cough*

I suggest listening to this song :…

I dont own any of the creepypastas
You own You
I own the plot
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Could you write a story with Ticci Toby in it? Pweeease? ):3
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Omg!! The boys that I has a crush on love me!! Except Ben, I only like him as a friend....
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